Friday, December 31, 2010

WordPress Plugin: SimplyHired API Job Board

A Plugin that provides tools to utilize the SimplyHired web services API for Job-a-matic style niche job boards within WordPress.

Host your own job board powered by the SimplyHired API. This plugin allows users to search for jobs, browse jobs by location and/or keyword, get possibly related jobs through our recommendation technology, and link directly to each job.

Features Implemented:

  • Admin options for publisher id, jobboard url (needed for click-tracking)
  • Highly customizable job widget with options for title, number of results, query, location, display type, etc.
  • SimplyHired click-tracking javascript in page footers.
  • SimplyHired attribution per terms of agreement
  • Post a Job button linked to your Job-a-matic account

Roadmap Features:

  • Full job search through the SimplyHired API. Browse by company, by keyword, by location, or search with any keyword / location combination.
  • Retrieve job details for individual jobs.
  • Customization of permalink structure for complete SEO control (future).
  • Capability to filter by category, company, or location.
  • RSS feeds for jobs (future).

See the plugin homepage for more information and latest details.

For a demonstration of the plugin in action, visit Construction Jobs at Buildz.Net for live example.