Tuesday, June 12, 2007

TypoXP : XML Template for Blogger

When it comes to free blog templates, I tend to yawn. Doesn't matter if it is a template for Blogger or a WordPress theme. They mostly are rehashed base versions and if you seen one ... you seen them all.

TypoXP template for Blogger screenshot
Every now and then, however, a template does catch my eye. Not so much the look of it, but the ingenuity I can see beneath it all. Such is the case for Ustadz's WordPress theme knock-off of Sunaryo Hadi's TypoXP 2.0. He has created a truely unique Blogger template that is not only astonishing to view, but has many add-on features that are easy to install.

TypoXP Blogger Add-on Features:

  • Expandable post summaries
  • Author Comment Highlight
  • TypoXP Sidebar Title Icon Set
  • Label (Tags) Cloud Widget
  • Archive Calendar Widget
  • Recent Posts Widget
  • Recent Comments Widget
  • Search Widget

Demo & Download Template

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Sam Freedom said...

I think some people are wondering if it's ok to hide the top blogger navbar as demonstrated at the link you provide. I think it's against Blogger TOS and can result in trouble. What do you think? Thanks.

Sam Freedom
the coolest guy on the planet

Tips 4 Blogspot said...

Sam - As far as I know, there is no violation of the TOS to disable the NavBar. Outside of a brief mention that 'it cannot be disabled' in a Help article from the old Pyra knowledge-base. There has not been any requirement in the present TOS that says that you need to keep it.

Your decision to remove it however, could be valid. Such cases are already documented for the purpose of libraries or any facility that caters to children whom should not be allowed to just skip randomly to the 'next blog'. This is almost like a 'web ring' which definitely goes against Google Search's policy of link inflating in general (but not quite). It is however, a Catch-22 when Google and Blogger are concerned.

As you know, I leave the bar there. While, I do not like the 'next blog' feature, I do support the 'report this blog' link. Also, on the right hand side of the navbar is the option to customize, add new post, access your Google account, etc. This is pretty handy, so for the most part, I leave it up there and deal with it.

Mostly this blog in large part will accentuate other external sources for the benefit of my readers. I have links from my 'shared G-reader list', a Blogspot Search Engine that will take you to over 50+ websites that deal with Blogspot specific sites, and a Blogroll that is hand edited to allow only sites that I deem worthy. The navbar, while not really conducive to this type of setup, is still present. I may change my train of thought on that later and do away with it -- or at least come up with a way to 'block out' that 'next blog' feature (I think that has to be removed to make the NavBar more acceptable.)

HabsQ said...

Not the most beautiful template in the world but the features do look interesting.

Mike said...

Nice and simple...I like it!

Italian blogger said...

I like this template. It's very simple but professional.

Fun Blog said...

Its really nice template good work..hope will come up with more.

noticias said...

It's quite similar to Wordpress templates, I love it :). Simple and 2 columns, just what i need