Thursday, May 17, 2007

Removing NoFollow from Blogger styled layouts

I follow, do follow, no nofollowBlogger by default, and other blogging software such as WordPress, automatically adds the "nofollow" microformat extension to all links from user generated content. User generated content is defined as comments or external sources such as linkbacks and trackbacks.

I support the people of the blogging community who have chosen to remove NoFollow for blog comments and linkbacks/trackbacks. If you are reading this right now, you too are probably thinking about joining us yourself. It would be a good move, read on to find out why.

Before we begin

First, this removal procedure applies to the New Blogger styled layout. It is impossible, at this time, to remove NoFollow from Classic styled Blogger templates. This is due to the fact that those templates use the variable {$CommentAuthorName$} which encapsulates the anchor link around linking text. I am working on getting around this, because I have another blog using this style.

There are a number of tip sites out there explaining how to accomplish the removal of NoFollow -- and every one of them did not get it completely right. I have not found one yet who has addressed the issue of backlinks which also have the NoFollow extension added to it.

I have seen numerous comments left by readers of the tutorials stating that they could not find the NoFollow referenced in their layout template. Two reasons for this. They either are using the Classic template or more probably it is the same problem I encountered when I first went looking for it. I will explain why below, and it will be very clear as to why they missed it too.

Properly removing NoFollow from the template

Warning: Before beginning this procedure -- backup your template

Login to your dashboard and click on the Layout Link. If you are already managing your blog, then click on the Template Tab. Confused, don't be -- there really is a reason for that.

Click on the Edit Html Sub-tab for Templates.

Here is the important part. On the upper right of the template edit area, there is a checkbox labeled Expand Widgets. Make sure it is checked.

[ Click for larger version ]

Every tutorial I have read failed to mention the checkbox. The items we will be deleting are inside of sections, which in turn are inside of a widget. If the widget is collapsed, then we will not be able to see anything inside of the widget.

Now do a search for nofollow in your expanded template. You can either use your browser menu by clicking on Edit>Find in page or via the keyboard Ctrl-F. When the dialog box comes up, type in nofollow, and enter.

You should come across a line of code that looks something like this:
          <dt class='comment-author' expr:id='"comment-" +'>
<a expr:name='"comment-" +'/>
<b:if cond='data:comment.authorUrl'>
<a expr:href='data:comment.authorUrl' rel='nofollow'><></a>

Delete the portion of the code that says rel='nofollow' and Save Your Template.

Optionally remove Nofollow from backlinks

By doing another search for nofollow in your expanded template, you will find another one for your backlinks. You can choose to delete this as outlined above -- or not.

If you do delete the reference, do at your own risk. Backlinks are outside of your control and cannot be moderated. You can turn them off altogether via your Settings>Comments Tab. It is up to you.


lakedaemon said...

Thanks for a great tip. Nofollow in effect stifles the incentive to comment and socialise. I noticed you have a 'u comment, I follow' banner. I think that it is great to advertise the fact that you have this enabled to encourage dicsussion. Would appreciate where to get this.

Anonymous said...

I found that via the DoFollow Community page at BUMPzee. There are a couple of flavors of the button, as well as colors.

While you are there, why don't you join the community. You can meet with over 165 members (and growing) and find some that are in your niche of blogging.

Ideally, I should have that button right next to the Comment link of the post. Must work on that someday .

lakedaemon said...

You advise caution in removing 'nofollow' from in-links on blogger. Is this to control spamming. If comments are moderated then I don't mind dealing with spam, is a welcome price to pay for a little discussion.

Ronnie T. Dodger said...

Leaving nofollow on backlinks is a tough question to answer. That is why I left the post open-ended to this regard.

Currently, I DoFollow both comments and backlinks.

Also, lakedaemon, I have Anonymous posting turned on for my comments. You should use the Other option to input your name and link to your blog, rather than using the default for your Blogger account.

Anonymous said...

Excellent - I joined the dollow community several months ago, and it's nice to have some people leaving comments and being able to engage with my readers!

Anonymous said...

It is a good incentive, for sure. Also I have found the Dofollow community gives you good exposure to others blogs in your niche, which in turn increases readership. The benefits are outstanding.

Admin said...

I have deleted my nofollow both in comments and Back link.. as well.. By the way will there be any harm for a no follow for the back links?? Just asking

Anonymous said...

Probably not. But only you would know for sure.

There is not an easy way to Moderate backlinks. Only method I know is to view each post and scroll down to see if any exist. You do have the option to delete offensive backlinks -- but this can be a pretty tedious task.

On two blogs that I have with Blogger, I have yet to see any spam come through on them. After all, it is Google. But that is not always a guarantee.

wj said...

I had removed nofollow a long time ago but for some reason today I checked the page source on the comments page and see the REL="nofollow" the profile link, is that one okay? do you think this nofollow wouldn't override removal of nofollow in the links?

Anonymous said...

Linking to your Profile page is kind of pointless in general. You want your link to point to your Blog, why have readers go through a two-click process to get there.

As you surmised, linking to your Profile page on a DoFollow blog is worthless. The Profile page is a dead end because of Blogger's NoFollow policy there (which you cannot change).

When commenting at a Blogspot blog, choose the option for Other. This will allow you to enter your Name (or name of your blog) and the Url to the blog itself. Some blogs at Blogspot may not have this option available to you, I do here however, so take advantage of it.

Anonymous said...

thank you so much.. yes - that policy sort of sucks..

so Im gonna try using other on ur blog itself :)


Anonymous said...

I removed the "nofollow" from comment and even backlink, but when look at the source code of the comment page, I still see "nofollow", so I am not sure it's working. Would you be so kind to look at it?

Anonymous said...


If you click on the link at the end of your posts, it takes you to the Blogger comment form -- those links are Nofollow and out of your control.

Clicking on the link in your Post Title will take you to the Full Item Page where you can see that your Comments are now DoFollow.

Perhaps I will write up another hack to change the link at the end of the post -- this should take you to the comments and not the comment entry. Blogger is so confused. ;)

Peter said...

Hi Ronnie,

Sorry to make a correction. The date of your post:
Thursday, May 17, 2007

Your comment in the post:

"Every tutorial I have read failed to mention the checkbox."

Please refer to this post of mine:
Impproving link popularity and PageRank by removing NOFOLLOW attribute in the comments.

The date of the post is Saturday, May 12, 2007 and in the post is clearly stated
"Tick the Expand Widgets Template checkbox to expand the template".

Peter (Blog*Star 2006 and 2007)
Generating Revenue from your Website

Peter said...

Another thing - there have been comments that the hack only remove NOFOLLOW from the author's link, which I assume would be the link to the author's profile, but not links in the body of the comment. Care to elaborate on that?

Peter (Blog*Star 2006 and 2007)
Testing Blogger Beta (now New Blogger)

Anonymous said...

@bundawah - yes, you did good. There is however the matter of your Item Page repeating the same post following the Comments section. You need to get rid of the redundant Post Item widget there.

@peter chen - I stand corrected on my statement. But do not take this the wrong way, it was not that obvious to do so. Nor was it emphasized in your post. Thus my graphic to make sure they did it.

Many an article I have seen to this regard had comments where 'they could not find the rel='nofollow' in their templates. And none of them responded to the obvious reason of 'ticking' the widget box to expose that part of the code.

As for the Comment Body and Author Link variations, I spelled it out clearly in a Clarification of Nofollow Hacks on the three(3) different types of Blogger accounts. Yes there are 3, not 2, and you will notice that the above link is Nofollowed and cannot ever be Dofollowed.

I do have a complete solution for Classic FTP Blogger, but am holding up the fix until I figure out what is going wrong with another form of Blogger - the Internationalized Blogger (which may mean a 4th version). You will have to hold tight on this for the time being.

Rest assured that I am pursuing this with great endeavour after being called to the carpet on the use of the You Comment/I Follow graphic for Blogspot blogs. I am also trying to impress upon Blogger with my Wish List Campaign to have the option to enable/disable Nofollow, of which I hope you will jump on board with.

Peter @ Enviroman said...

Hi tips 4 blogspot,

Thanks for the clarifications. As regards to allowing an option for bloggers for the NOFOLLOW attribute, I support you and hope more bloggers will take the trouble to go to the wishlist and make their wish know.

I have actually made this suggestion for allowing an option in a private group but there was a strong objection from an active Blogger blogger who feels it is a good thing in helping cut down spam comments. He says if spammers get wind that many bloggers are hacking their template to allow links in comments to be followed, and particularly if Blogger is to officially make it available as an option and make it easy for bloggers, comment spam will get worst.

Peter (Blog*Star 2006 and 2007)
Blogger Tips and Tricks

Bonnie S. Calhoun said...

Thanks for the tutorial. I had been toying with this idea for a while and now I've taken the plunge.

But I took your advice and didn't remove it from my backlinks. I don't have time to peruse every post with vigilence! :-)

Can you check and tell me if I did it right. I did it on both of my hightraffic blogs.

I'm definitely going to write a post about you and this new trick!

Bonnie Calhoun (Blog*Star 2007)
Bonnie Writes
How Can I Do That

Blog Bloke said...

Unfortunately this will not work for comments.

Anonymous said...

Great article, read through it all, but is there a site with more information on how this is beneficial? Are people more likely to comment if their URL is being followed?

Anonymous said...

Most important thing that we need while using do folow is that do not comment using your blogger profile.
this is not going to use help to increase ranking.

Dave Dragon said...

Thanks for the clear and concise instructions to remove the NOFOLLOW from Blogger.

Ride it like you stole it is now a DOFOLLOW Blog.

Thanks Again
-Dave Dragon

Dan O'Neil said...

Thanks for the post here... I'm really looking forward to a workaround for classic templates as I use FTP and host my own blog on my own domain.

Wendy said...

Wonder if someone could check two of my blogs... just to be sure I've done this right??? and

Thanks so much for the tutorial. It's super clear, but I would still love to have someone confirm that my blogs are free of no-follows. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

@Wendy - both blogs are functioning correctly. Good job!

Rosalie said...

Thank you for the great information but I have a question how do I backup my template? Also can you tell me how to backup my blog. I am still learning how to do all of this. I almost lost all of my website, thought my webhost was taking care of everything for me. I learned the hard way I have to do it myself.
Thank You

Anonymous said...

@Rosalie - Your questions are beyond the scope of this blog, but I will email you and try to respond to some of your concerns.

Unique Baby Gear Ideas said...

I gave it a try on my baby and parenting blog but I'm not sure if I did it right as I couldn't find the exact text that you mentioned. I just did a search for "nofollow" and deleted it. If somebody has a chance, I would appreciate their checking to see if everything is as it should be. I don't want to be labeled as a blog that says I'm "dofollow" when I'm not.

ColourfulWorld said...

I've followed your instructions but I'm not sure if the whole thing works. I'm using SearchStatus nofollow option and all the nofollow links are highlighted. Right now I have installed Intense Debate. I'm not sure which options is better therefore I apply both. Can someone tell me if my site is working? TQ!

Joseph Dunphy said...

Thank you! I had no idea that the system would be doing that to my visitors. I've removed the tags and posted a few remarks about this on my blog, directing visitors toward yours.

Now, how do I get my posts to link to my journal at Blogger, instead of to that profile?

Joseph Dunphy said...

I spoke too quickly. On unrendering this page, I find "rel=nofollow" appearing in the links in my post. The workaround doesn't work.


Anonymous said...

@Joseph - This hack only works on the Author Link. Presently, there is no fix to remove NoFollow from the body of the comment.

To answer your other question about linking to your blog (or other website) in the Author Link, the blog must be set to allow for Anonymous commenting.

Go to your Blogger Dashboard and click on Settings > Comments tab. In that screen you will see a setting for who can submit comments ... set this to "Anyone".

Anonymous said...

There are firefox plugin to cek nofollow links, it called SEO for Firefox,
So, i try write comment to other blog and saw that my blog is still with red mark (It's mean not dofollow), i don't know why, i had remove nofollow from comment like everybody suggested but still not work.

Anonymous said...

If you taking about the area where you add comments then u cannot change anything there its private area.

Anonymous said...

I'm using the old style template because I have blogger posting to my own web site via FTP. I am really considering just switching to Wordpress because of the limitations with Blogger.

If you find a way to remove nofollow for the older templates, could you let me know please?

- Rob

Anonymous said...

@SEO News - yes, I did figure out how to remove NoFollow from both the Author link and links inside the comment body.

Look at my blog post to test DoFollow on FTP Blogger Classic over at Webstractions.

The coding is in PHP. I notice you are using ASP, but should not be too much of a problem to work it out.

Click on the Classic FTP link in the Blogger Styles heading of the sidebar to the left. It will get you pointed in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I followed your super easy instructions and hope it worked. Not sure how to tell.

Thanks for the tip about not posting a comment as signed into blogger, but by using other instead. I'll definitely do that whenever possible.

Now to figure out how to do this for my wordpress blogs.

Anonymous said...

@audra - yes, it is working just fine. Good job!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for checking! I appreciate that. :)

Pennies In My Pocket said...

I'm with Audra ... I did it, but not sure how to check if it's working. Hope it is. I'm still fairly new to all this fun bloggy stuff so I'm looking for ways to make mine oh-so-fabulous. Thanks tons! Now, I'm off to join the DoFollow community ... where's the link for that? lol

Thanks ton!


Anonymous said...

@melody - Nope. Does not appear that you hacked it correctly. Your Author Links are still NoFollow.

Everymatter said...

i didnot find any nofollow word in edit html section of my blog

Anonymous said...

@everymatter - Make sure that your Expand Widgets Template box is ticked inside the Edit Template screen.

Jerin said...

I tried removing the nofollow from my blogger template. It looked like this to begin with:


Now it looks like this:


Didn't work but I think I'm using classic Blogger templates. Any insight would be appreciated


Anonymous said...

@Jerin - you have 5 blogs and I am not sure which one (or all) that you are working on right now.

I did notice that you only focused on your 'backlink' and not the 'author link'. Also, when you commented with Html, it did not quite all show up.

Tell you what ... leave your email address in a comment (will delete afterwards) and we can step through it that way. Ok?

CSC said...

Thanks for the wonderful tips. I added your blog-url to my blog-list. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

@CSCorpion - thanks for the support.

Make sure you use the "Nickname" feature for your identity to leave a link back to your blog. Author links for your Blogger Profile are pointless, since the links on that page are all NoFollow. Follow?

Anonymous said...

This is important information for someone like me who's new to blogging. The more technical aspects of achieving and keeping page rank can be a little confusing for newbies. I have been reading about no follow issues all over the net and your article is one of the clearest most easily understood. Your blog is certainly on my list of blogs to read.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Marvin.

And I like what you did with the tag. Rather than delete it, you revised it to say 'dofollow'.

Anonymous said...

I tried to remove the nofollow tag, I tried to remove just the word "no", I tried to change it to "dofollow"--I get an error message everytime and can't save the template. My blog is at

I'm wondering how come I'm the only person online who can't do this simple little thing.

Can anyone help?

Anonymous said...

Can u help me? i lost my comment link on my post footer. my blog

Anonymous said...

@irwam - Sorry, need more info. It appears that there is something built into the logic of your template that prohibits the Comment link from showing when there are no comments.

When you do have a comment, the comment link will appear. I suggest that you contact the author of the template at Dzelque Blogger Templates .

@Chris - Not sure what is going on with your template without seeing the actual code you are working on. If you want, send me the code in its entirety via email (webstractions at gmail) and I will take a look at it for you.

@Irwam - you can send your code too, if you cannot get any action from Dzelque.

Fucc said...

ok, now also my reviews site is without no follow. thanks for the guide!

Anonymous said...

You are welcome. Sweet looking blog you have there! You have done a great job.

Makoy said...

I hope I did it right. I noticed that there's another nofollow code before the one indicated in your instructions. Thank you again for the tip. Can you please check if I did it right.


Anonymous said...

You are good to go Makoy

TrishaLyn said...

Incredibly easy tutorial... thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Trishalyn.

To take full advantage of this however, use your blog Url for the Author link. I see that you are using your Blogger profile for this. Blogger profile pages are dead end links, they are all nofollow there.

I took a look at your blog, and it does not seem that you have gotten rid of the nofollow attribute in your template. Perhaps you removed it from the Backlink section only?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the clear, easy to follow (no pun intended) instructions. I have removed the nofollow in my template on but it doesn't seem to be working. If a commentator leaves their web site by choosing their Name/URL as their identity you can click on it and go through to their web site, but if someone types a list of URLS into my comment section they just show up as text. I'd appreciate if you can visit and comment with any feedback. Thanks....DesperateH

Anonymous said...

@Roxi - in order for the Url to appear as a link, it needs to coded as such.


<a href="">Link text</a>

You can use other Html formatting such as <b> and <i> for bold and italics.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Thanks for making it supereasy for us newbies to do this! I took your advice and removed the "no follow" from my comments (I believe?! Would you be able to double check for me?) and I also joined the DoFollow community at BUMPzee.

You totally rock. :)

Anonymous said...

@Dette - All is well. Good job, and good luck.

zstorez said...

Could someone check my blog? I just took the code off! Will this also help boost PR?

Anonymous said...

@zstorez - I just left a comment on your Tmobile post. All is well. Good job.

As for the PR Question ... No. It will not increase your PR. Inbound links from other blogs, directories, websites, etc to your blog will increase the PR.

Remember to use your Blog Url for commenting -- not your Blogger Profile. All links on your Profile page are Nofollow links.

Anonymous said...

I recently started goofing around with my template and landed on your page when I was trying to figure out how to imbed a link inside a comment on someone else's blog. Never figured that out because I got distracted by removing the nofollow stuff from mine!

Now I'm curious if I did it right. :shrug:

Anonymous said...

@Nichole - everything appears to be hunkey-dorey. A-OK.

LA Nickers said...

Thanks for the info! I think I did it right on all three of my blogs . . .

Now, if I could only get Mozilla FF working again. It will not connect, and I have removed and reinstalled it multiple times. Grr.

Anonymous said...

@Nickers - Yep. Perfect. Good luck with your Firefox problem.

Mrs Pretzel said...

I THINK I've done it... not sure though!! LOVE how easy you made it!!

Anonymous said...

I have read this and even though your instructions seem very concise and I even understand html ;-), I think maybe my custom template is causing me to now be able to find this?

Can you look at it for me? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

@repo-diaries : Yes, you are blind. Plus I do not cater to splogs. Your comment was deleted. Please go waste somebody elses time.

@whetzel-mama : You did well. I like the way you revised the reference to 'dofollow' rather than delete it. Brilliant!

@simplyunique : This tip is for the newer Blogger styled layouts hosted at Blogspot. Not sure what kind of template you are using for Blogger (Classic FTP?). I will try to contact you to get more info.

Kris Chrisman said...

Thanks for the information. I was able to go into one of my Blogger Blogs and effortlesly remove the NOFOLLOW. When I have time I will remove the NOFOLLOW from my other Blogs.

Pat said...

As for I had a yahoo store web designer do my blog for me. Should I have them upgrade the platform or something?

Thanks for all you BE and DO! :-)

Anonymous said...

@Pat - In the case of your store blog, that is up to you. If you do decide to have Nofollow removed however, refer them to the other article Remove NoFollow from Classic FTP Blogger.

Yinsi Yat said...

I fully support this and wanted to join the community. I have removed the nofollow thingy in my blog. Don't know if I have done it correctly. Can you take a look please? Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

@Yinsi Yat - good job. All is well.

Anonymous said...

this is great, but I am still searching for a wordpress plugin that I once saw. instead of posting your keyword as your name you post "Richard McLaughlin@Internet Marketing Dude" and it links the words after the @ to your website, so you get SEO, but it also lists your name. Hard to answer someone that chooses "Lose 9 Pounds in 9 Days" as their name.

Anonymous said...

@Richard - I know of the plugin you are referring to. Just don't remember where I came across it.

Another good one is CommentLuv which will try to grab your last blog post and link to it with your comment. That is supposing your Url has a blog to auto-discover.

Mrs Pretzel said...

THANK you for checking on it for me!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for this advice. I just removed the piece of code for the comments from my blog. Would you be able to check to see if it worked. Thanks

Anonymous said...

@Jennifer - All is well. Good job!

Remember to use your blog Url and not your Blogger profile when you make comments. All links on the profile page are "nofollow" and you cannot change that.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that ever happened before. When I comment on any blog other than blogger I put in the url myself. With blogger it puts it in for me, but I think in the past it has always put in the direct link to my blog. Maybe what I did changed that. To be safe I am going to click "name/url" and do it myself.
Thanks for everything. I'm going to subscribe to your blog. It is great.

Anonymous said...

Just removed the nofollow part, and I'm now part of the doFollow community.
I've heard about this a few weeks back, but I didn't really know what it is, until today.
Thank you so much for the tips.
All the best!

American Angle said...

Your site was recommended by

I followed your easy instructions which I'm grateful for. I'm not tech savvy and I'm still learning that that there's more to blogging than just posting content.

Thank you & I hope I removed it correctly..I believe I removed both nofollow items..& there was an error message after I saved the template..indicating Blogger was unable to perform requested task..

I don't know..but thanks again!

Divine Copy said...

Your are an absolute star!

I have been wondering how to do this for ages and I haven't been able to find anything about it anywhere!

I have now successfully removed the nofollow and it's down to you!

Thanks a bunch and well done on a great site!


Divine Copy said...

Is there a way to check if it has worked at all?

Anonymous said...

@Sarah - I posted a comment on the blog you editted. All is good.

To visually check the status of a link ... right-click the link and select Properties from the menu. If the Relation field has Nofollow in the properties, then it is Nofollow. If blank, then all is good.

Optionally, you can View the Source code of the page. Search for your link and see if the rel="nofollow" attribute is in the link.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! I was getting stressed trying to figure out if it had worked or not! Your explanation made it a lot easier for me! :D

Here is another question for you!

When I am posting using the name and the URL, should I have my actual name, (as I have done now), or use the sites name or a keyword phrase for SEO purposes or does this not matter?

Anonymous said...

Mix it up. Remember that the links should have targeted keyword text. That text should be related to the post you are going to comment on.

Use something like these in the Author Link on sites dealing with copywriting:

Sarah :: Copywriting Tips
Sarah :: Copywriting Ideas

(notice you are using your name and keyword text)

The double colons make it stand out, clickable. You can use other characters, such as and at sign (@) or the pipe | symbol. Anything to break the name from the keytext.

Sarah :: Freelancers
Sarah :: Freelancer Work

Sometimes just Sarah if the comment is about something you are not really relative too. Such may be the case on any Personal Blogs.

If the topic you comment on is related to one of your posts on your blog -- then go ahead and link to it. This is known as deep linking. Usually good to do this about 20% of the time. Mix it up.

Lets say something is buzzing around the blogs concerning Writerlance, then:

Sarah :: Writerlance Update

(that link goes straight to one of your posts)

Finally. Comment everywhere. Comment a lot. Get your name and subject out there. People will follow too, especially with well crafted Author Links.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ronnie, your tips are fantastic! I am going to try it now on this post so let's see if it works!

Thanks a million for helping!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to join the dofollow folk and think I followed your instructions to the letter but it looks like the comments on my blog are staying bubblegum pink in FF which means they're still nofollow. What did I do wrong?

Anonymous said...

@Julie - Your comments are coming through as Dofollow on the individual post item pages.

Check this page for example: A Dying Breed

The comment on that page has the Nofollow attribute removed. Yes?

If you are referring to your hosted Post a Comment for that post, then yes, every link on that page is Nofollow. There is nothing you can do about that.

Anonymous said...

Aha! I see what you mean.

I seem to be half way there then as the link within the second comment on the state school post is still nofollow though if I search the expanded template and search for nofollow I don't find any more references to it.

Is it not possible to make links within comments dofollow? I'm sorry this isn't clicking for me yet.

Anonymous said...

Julie, the only link in this version of Blogger that you can remove Nofollow from is the Author link.

Links inside of the comment body cannot be hacked to remove the Nofollow.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this information, it's more than I was looking for. I've learned a ton just from reading through the comments and following the links! I can see I'm going to have to dig through this site and add it to my feed reader.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great tip. I did this and it was so easy so thanks.

I have a problem though, when i searched for "nofollow" tags on the source code of my new blog to check if I got it right, I discovered this odd line by the end of my code:


I tried removing this. But its not even part of the code when I edit the HTML, even when I ticked the expand widgets template option.

' would really appreciate your insight on this. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

@Kat - Good job!

The NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW snippet that you are seeing is not a problem. It is embedded inside a giant block of javascript code for Blogger's Widget Manager. As you know, javascript cannot be interpreted by spiders of any ilk.

Javelin Marketing said...

has blogger gotten wise to this and rebelled? I got this message when trying to save my template aftre removing nofollow:
We're sorry, but we were unable to complete your request.

When reporting this error to Blogger Support or on the Blogger Help Group, please:

Describe what you were doing when you got this error.
Provide the following error code and additional information.

Anonymous said...

Hi, great post here. Please answer this one question for me. I've been reading from most to just remove the nofollow but I've heard from a few to just change the nofollow to dofollow. Does this make a difference?

Anonymous said...

@Bob - sounds like Google was having some issues. I have received the same type of error message when editing templates. Give it a day or two, then try again.

@Ronnie - Short answer is No. Changing the wording from Nofollow to Dofollow accomplishes the same effect as removing it.

Long answer, if you want to understand the deeper meaning, is that Dofollow is not an existing rel value. It may also be considered as bad Html practice. At best it is considered to be non-trivial POSH

Anonymous said...

Thanks a million for that. Have done just as you said here on my blogger blog and have also linked back to here so others can learn to do the same!

Anonymous said...

used it on my blog. can this help on pagerank? thanks!

inicuma said...

i have change rel=nofollow to rel=external that right...??

Anonymous said...

@Briongloid - Thanks!

@soundgasms - It will help for PageRank of the Commenting Author's site ... minimal though. For every link to the Comment Author site, there is another link pointing back to your site (look at the comment date link). Add in all of your other inward links on the page and whatever PR gets realized for the commenter, is dilute.

@Oeoes - Replacing nofollow with external in the rel attribute is acceptable. It is also considered to be POSH usage, but it is proposed for a standard in HTML5.

KAT said...

Thank you for the tips. I have tried it on my new blog. I hope it works.

Anonymous said...

I have sent this post to like 20 people, and we all are very grateful!


Ronnie T. Dodger said...

@Marc - I noticed that you are sporting the Dofollow badge on your blog, but you have NOT made the hack to your template.

Is there a reason for that?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the great tips to remove nofollow tag

Sylvia Laughrin said...

thanks for the information. can someone check to make sure it's working for my blog?


Anonymous said...

@Sylvia - You did well. Show your support for Dofollow and add a badge to let people know.

Anonymous said...

For couple of weeks, I was wonder how to promote my blog. Then I accidentally came to your blog and follow up what you suggest here.

Now, it seems like the traffic already flowing in my site.

Thanks for your advise.

Ronnie T. Dodger said...

@tutorial blog:

And others.

This is NOT a dumping ground for people wanting a link from a Dofollow blog.

I see the above comment all the time. If you want to get a link in this post, it will have to be 'support related'. I will not accept any others.

There are a few Dofollow lists with this blog Url. It is apparant that most of you are using these lists as a way to get a free and easy backlink. You will NOT get that here.

If you cannot respect the blog that does Dofollow, then you will NOT get the link. Wisen up. Get sincere, and find your own blogs to communicate with.

LaTease "Teasas Tips" said...

Thank you for showing me how to remove the nofollow tags from my blogs..all this time I thought they were automatically dofollow...I felt like a dork at first, but then I removed it and it works! Thank you so much, I have also linked back to you.

Unknown said...

Your blog is amazing for getting instant access to seo tools for my blogspot ...I bookmarked your site !

Monik said...

ya that's a nice idea to increase comments! Please do visit my blog too as it as also a do follow blog

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this straight forward tutorial. I just finished implementing it in my blog. I will join the community too.

lovely said... says This is a great help! I've been looking for ways to make my blog a do follow and so far this is the best tip-instruction I got. Fairly easy and I hope it is working in my blog!

Anonymous said...

@Lovely - Yes you made the modifications alright. I see that your Author Comment Links are Dofollow. Good job.

Anonymous said...

Would inserting Rel='dofollow' in it's place alright or should I just keep it blank?

Anonymous said...

It is alright to replace the rel attribute with 'dofollow'. Has the same effect as being blank, because there is no meaning for it technically.

Anonymous said...

This may be a stupid question but nowhere on my Edit HTML page can I find a checkbox labeled "Expand Widgets". Does this mean that my blog is using an old-style template and if so I know I go about changing my blog so that I will use a new style templatethat will allow me to eliminate the NoFollow.

Anonymous said...

@Kenneth - Looking at the Html of your blog, it does appear that you are using the 'classic templates'. You can verify this by going to your Dashboard at Blogger and if you have a link labeled 'Template', then that will be the case. New blogger XML themes would show a link labeled 'Layout'.

To convert your blog to the newer XML theme layout, follow the instructions in the Blogger Help topic Upgrade Your Template

Anonymous said...

Wonderful tip! Thank you!
I removed the nofollow on comments. I did not remove the nofollow for backlinks as I cannot control them.

Ronnie T. Dodger said...

Good job Geek!

I see that you are new to Blogger. Wish you success.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. I want to inform my thanks to you that is the reason for this comment. it was easy. i hope the reason for lack of comment to my blog may be people found it nofollow blog. Now mine is a dofollow blog. Feeling proud.

Harsh Agrawal said...

Thank you becuase of able to make my blog dofollow..:)

Anonymous said...

Great blog and article. I was wondering what difference does it make to the blogger if he leaves it as nofollow, cause I've seen a trend come in recently where everyone wants to put on the do follow.Anyways great tutorial thanks!

Blog Writer said...

I found some case that when I use dofollow tag on my blog, I lost some number of their traffic at begining and it increasing again in the next month. I wonder how it affect on your blog or any other people who comment here. please write your experience.

Anonymous said...

This no longer works. Google rigged the templates and now when you try to remove the nofollow it doesn't comply. Instead, you get an error notice after you save it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this straight forward tutorial. I just finished implementing it in my blog. I will join the community too.

Anonymous said...

I am new to the arena of blogging and am pretty clueless about this nofollow attribute. I did follow your tutorial though, but what i'd want you to tell me is what's this exactly about and in what all cases does it apply? I'd love it if you could drop a line in my email about this.

And thanks for the cool tute mate!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips.
I just enabled nofollow tag on my blog. I want to see if it help to increase my visitors or not.

Ronnie T. Dodger said...

@super - only one problem I can see with your blog, there is no way to leave a comment. I could not find a link to allow commenting dude.

Impacted Customer said...

I too have recently removed the nofollow tags from my blog.

I've also modified Randa Clay's original badge design for a 88*32 size. You can get the html code for the smaller badge at:

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Smaller buttons should come in handy.

Welcome to the club!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the easy instructions. I have read on so many blogs about how people think they are 'no-follow' and turns out they are not, maybe they didn't do it right or whatever, most of the time that is the case. Could you be so kind as to check my blog for me? It would be appreciated ;)

Also, I have tried for a while now to check out BUMPzee and they seem to be on a sabbatical, would you happen to know when they will be back?

Anonymous said...

Opps- I forgot one more question. On the subject of backlinks- check out this post on Tricks for New Bloggers- what do you think of using the google alerts to notify you when someone links to your page? I'm not sure I understand how all this works, but to check it out I put in an address of a blog that I know has my link in a post of theirs- so, I should have popped up on the list when I put in their address (following the instructions on Tricks for New Bloggers) right? I checked mine, and a site that I know for sure I have a link to doesn't show up- so does this work or am I really not understanding this. I do get some alerts when I'm linked to. hope this is clearer than mud ;)

Anonymous said...

Your tutorial is good and as I see it is much in demand.

However I would like to know how do we maintain a healthy mix of outbound and inbound links so that our ranking in the search engines does not suffer.

outbound links will make it suffer isn't it? so how do we systematically negate that while inviting dofollow comments on our blog. What should the strategy be?

Anonymous said...

I'll give it a shot and see what happen. Commenters deserve the "follow". Battle spam, not blogs. Don't you agree?

Ranjinap said...

Useful Post, Thanks Lot

Jafeth Mariani said...

i am so so thankful!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ronnie for a great tip.

LazyKing said...

great tip but I cant use it. I'm using a non-blogger template so it's not working for me. Is there a solution? I dont want to change my template

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot - This article is very useful. My blog is officially dofollow.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tutorials, i remove the nofollow on comments and now waiting for the result/trackback.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that your tutorial is well written and I am officially NoFollow because of it.


Eyang Bedjo said...

Really Complete Explanation. Thanks.

Masa Subur Wanita said...

thanks a lot of,this article very help me

Unknown said...

I added a nofollow for all external links javascript but I cant figure out how to get it to just nofollow all OLD posts and let me choose to follow or nofollow present posts. I write posts linked to other bloggers that I want to dofollow, any ideas?

Hentai Ecchi said...

Good afternoon,

I am trying to do this for my blog, as I moderate my comments I feel like I do not have to have it as nofollow. I have removed the two tags, but for some reason it is still commenting as nofollow. Does this no longer work, or have I simply dome something wrong?

I would also point out that the expand all widgets button is no longer there, (at least for me)

Kindest regards,
Hentai Ecchi.