Friday, June 8, 2007

New Custom Search Engine for Blogspot Hacks, Tips & Templates

I am announcing a custom Blogspot Search Engine designed to provide you with the most relevant results for Blogspot tips, hacks, templates, tutorials and much more. The Search Engine folds the contents of 30+ popular hack and template sites in with natural Google results. The outcome produces one of the easiest methods for finding the answers that you need quickly.

Refinement labels are added to drill down into a variety of topics or site types. Pick the results that you want to see, without all of that fluff in the middle.

Try these example queries which are popular in forums and groups right now:

Help me refine this Search Engine by leaving constructive criticism in the comments below. I will entertain any suggestion.

Are you a Blogspot tip, tutorial or template site? Chances are you may already be included in this Search Engine already. If you feel that you are not, leave your sitename and Url below and I will check into it and add if appropriate.

I will add sites that only partially deal with Blogspot as well. If you have something to offer, holler away below.

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Lordmanilastone said...

Hi, I am still getting the hang of using blogger. Most of my posts are really long and I have no idea how to keep them short. I mean i want the first paragraph or so to appear on the main page and how can i create a link at the bottom so my readers can just click on it to continue reading the post?

Deborah said...

Trackbacks would be an obvious one!